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BBC 'Blue Planet - Deep Trouble' team explain the environmental dangers facing the world's shallow waters.


Earth Matters

Engaging with the Arts

Video clips, DVD resources and music

In this space we have collected together some films and TV programmes, music and other media you can use to add to your exploration of the issues of how we can change our lives to respect the earth and the living creatures with which we share our planet. You can use the internet or watch DVDs on issues to do with ecology and caring for the environment.

You might want to pick one of the DVDs as part of a film club for children and/or young people, or use some of the resources as part of a lesson plan or project work. Or you could arrange a film showing as part of a church or fellowship activity


Some questions to think about:

  • What message is being offered by this resource?
  • What have I learned about the topic of ecology and Christian faith from the resource?
  • How does the resource resonate with my ideas about Christian mission?

You could make some notes in answer to these questions in your journal, notebook or blog.

You could also see if the resources offer you something to put into your rucksack, or find something to change, such as too many plastic bags.

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