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Photo: Chris Corrigan

Our homes in this life

If our lives are but the journey home then it suggests that the homes we have and make are preparations, and can be foretastes of that joyful homecoming. Making a home is not the same as a having a house though. A house can be bricks and mortar, but it can also be a mud hut, an igloo, a raft house on water, a cave, a tent, or anything that gives shelter from the elements. In the museum in Aberystwyth, in Wales, there is a life-size replica of a typical village cottage. It has just one room: there is a cooking fire, a table and chair, a bed and a cot. My first thought when I went inside was ‘it’s so small!’ but looking at the jugs on the shelf, the Bible on the table, my second thought was that, to my ancestors, while life was almost certainly hard and difficult, yet there could be laughter and enjoyment, eating, working, praying together. I’m always strangely drawn to it, because if you’re in there and another visitor comes inside, you can’t not smile at each other and start a conversation.

But is God homeless?
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Navigating the pathways

From here, you can travel as a visitor through a number of pathways through the various cell-spaces finding out what it is like to be an inmate here.

You can mix and match your journey through the different spaces depending on what you would most like to explore, study or do.

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  • What is a home?
  • What do you feel about homeless people?

Scripture passages with questions

  • Garden of Eden
  • Babylonian Captivity
  • Jesus has no home
  • Jesus’ mother at the Cross
  • Prodigal Son

Art/images on the theme for reflection with questions and exploration

Gift-giving and baggage dumping

  • Appreciating your home
  • Understanding homeless people better


  • Brief thoughts from different people about home and homelessness.
  • Questions for discussion


For those who have lost their homes. With images for reflection


Websites to explore on the theme of home; homelessness; refugees and asylum seekers


  • What have you noted down for consideration?
  • Other bloggers; Comments from young people piloting the project


Theological reflection on home and heaven

Hymns and other music

Choose from Hymns; chants; psalms; classical music; contemporary music


Video clips, TV episodes, Films, Books, Contemporary music

Footsteps of Jesus

  • How did issues of home and homelessness affect Jesus?
  • Matthew 2. 13-15 The Escape into Egypt
  • Luke 4. 16-30 The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth


Reflective stories
  • Manda’s story
  • Tanya’s story
  • Rebekah’s story
With questions for discussion


Story telling
Real life stories
  • Dev’s story
  • Rahena’s story
  • Simon’s story
  • Ana’s story
  • Carl’s story

Recipe - suggestions for hospitality, trying new things

  • Megan’s story; the work of the Salvation Army
  • Making soup to share with others

Dispossession - how am I changing?

  • Going home....what will I leave behind?
  • What new things will I take home with me?
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