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Boy with lamb

What kind of relationships do you see in this picture?

Earth Matters

Prayers for the Earth

To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

2 - To safeguard...

Jesus, Redeemer of the World,

Remind us to consider the lost lilies, the disappearing sparrows;
teach us not to squander precious resources;
help us value habitats: seas, deserts, forests
and seek to preserve this world in its diversity.

Alert us to the cause of all living creatures
destroyed wantonly for human greed or pleasure;
Help us to value what we have left
and to learn to live without taking more than we give.



Find out what trusts, organisations or other charities operate in your local area which are working to safeguard animal or plant populations. Use those organisations to pick something you could do fairly easily to help safeguard the wildlife, trees and plants in your area. It might be as simple as putting out some food and water for birds in the winter. Make a note of what you choose.

If you are part of a church which has a churchyard, Caring for God's Acre will tell you more about how a churchyard can become a ‘living sanctuary’ for wildlife.

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Navigating the pathways

You have a number of pathways through the various spaces of this house:

You can mix and match your journey through the different spaces depending on what you would most like to explore, study or do.

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Opening challenge to learn more about mission and care for creation with some introductory material to think about.

Scripture passages with questions

  • Genesis 1. 26-31
  • Romans 8.18-21
  • Genesis 6.11-21
  • Earth Abbey resources
  • Jubilee Centre resources


Pictures of extinct and endangered animals; conservation issues

Gift-giving and baggage dumping

A chance to review what gifts you bring to the topic or what things to leave behind. A chance for confession or saying sorry and to make new commitments

Quote, unquote

What people have been saying about climate change and care for the planet. With questions to consider.


A series of prayers, images and activities for meditation on the words of the fifth mark of mission
Also links to other prayer resources


Books and online resources for self study and online research


A chance to review notes or entries you have made and to read others thoughts about the topic


Theologians writing on care for creation: Dave Bookless, The Ecumenical Patriarch and Claire Foster. With questions to consider.

Hymns and other music

Suggestions for listening to natural sounds, hymns, psalms, Taizé chants, classical, popular music and new music on the theme of care of creation

Films, Music

Films to watch, music tracks and clips with an ecological theme

Footsteps of Jesus

  • Consider the lilies Matthew 6. 25-34
  • The Storm
  • Matthew 8.23-27
  • The Fig Tree
  • Mark 11.12-14; 20-21

Conversation and Dialogue

Listening to people talking about the environment, including: a group of theologians and scientists talking to ARocha, Jeremy Clarkson and David Shreeve.

Reflections and Story telling

  • Can the earth sustain 7 billion people?
  • What about food security for people?
  • What about health?
  • Reflections from Sharing God's Planet
Reflections from Sharing God's Planet


A recipe for a meal and suggestions for hospitality, trying new things

Exit: Dispossession

Final review of what may have changed in using the resource. A few ideas about what to take away, or how to live differently, or to do more in future, and a chance to leave feedback